Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet ones

Eli is a Snickerdoodle. Not in a cutesy, make everyone want to puke kind of nickname way, but a cookie that is all his and will always remind me of when he was born. See, I'd never had a snickerdoodle before. There are some things that I don't stray from. Soup is almost alway chicken noodle. Cookies are of the chocolate chip/peanut butter/macadamia nut (if I'm feeling frisky) variety. I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Kid, and afterwards all I wanted was a strawberry lemonade from Red Robin (trust me, it's that good). However, my cravings were thwarted by misinformed nurses and I had to wait. So that night, after not eating for close to 24 hours, having a baby and major surgery, and being on massive amounts of painkillers, I was thrilled when the hospital tray arrived. I didn't care one bit that the only thing on it that I had ever eaten was milk. Even though I can't stomach the idea of tuna in everyday life, that sandwich will remain one of the best I've ever had. And the cookie. Oh the cookie. Manna from heaven. Cinnamon-sugary manna.

The next day a friend came to visit. I was awkward, as only a new mom with staples in her gut, leaky everythings, and the yet-undiscovered knowledge that she could shower can be. He brought a violet (which I promptly killed despite my best intentions) and cookies. Snickerdoodle cookies. Over the next week, every cookie I encountered, and there were many, was a snickerdoodle. I took it as a sign and I've since made a point of having a snickerdoodle with Eli every year sometime during the week of his birthday.

I've been thinking that I want the new baby to have something similar, but trying to decide a flavor seemed contrived. But I gave it my all and the answer came to me after yoga last week. The exact moment was when I realized that I'd had three cupcakes that day. Seriously, I've had more cupcakes in the last two months than I have the entire rest of my life. I've had so many that I dream about cupcakes. I'm thinking that it's a sign. Turns out this one's not so much a cookie girl as a cupcake girl. I can handle that. Now I just need to figure out what flavor...

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  1. I love that your little girl is a cupcake, so many options! Perfect birthday 'cake' too. Can't wait to see her and know her name.