Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buck up Cowboy

I have a phrase that I use sometimes called my "Buck up Cowboy" moment. It's that moment when you tell yourself, "Self, knock this shit off. It's time to pull on your boots and kick some ass." I FINALLY had that moment this morning. I woke up still all pissy, and just decided that I was done feeling like shit and acting like a spoiled princess. Poor C has been so sweet and patient, despite the fact that I was acting like a raging bitch. Seriously, I just glared at him for two days, willing him to be as stressed out and crazy as me and resenting him for not being. Like I said, crazy.

I took off work a little early and went to look at cars. I think I found one that I like, definitely found a dealership I like, and have a Plan B in case the new car doesn't work out. I brought the kids home after school instead of running errands. We played together, hung out, and ate an actual dinner. The kids got a bath and were both in bed by 7:30. I saw a client today who is experiencing a pretty textbook depression and my work with her centered on getting back to the basics. Get up, wash your face, go to breakfast. One foot in front of the other. Consistency and predictability. That's what we all need when things get crazy. Predictability and consistency.

I'm feeling much better. The van is still parked in front of the mechanic and the kids are still loud and my house is still a wreck, but we sat down together for a spaghetti dinner and my kids both smell good and Eli and I read Animalia snuggled up on my bed before he went to sleep. Back to basics.

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