Friday, January 6, 2012

Adventures in moving

One of the lesser-thought-of bonuses of moving is that there's some inate feeling that you must eat all the food that's been collecting in the deepest recesses of your freezer and pantry. I've refused to buy food until we go. Unfortunately, I think we are getting much better at eating what we buy, because as I looked in the cabinets tonight (a week before we move) our options were pretty limited. And after tonight it's not getting any better. Tonight we're having a chicken casserole made of seven leftover chicken tenderloins, the very bottom of two bags of frozen veggies, and two boxes of stuffing left over from Thanksgiving. Plus sour cream and a cream of...soup. Tomorrow it's either bastardized fish sticks (using frozen fish and shake-n-bake) or some bean thing. Thoughts or ideas?

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