Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big ass TV

For ten years, C and I have had the same argument about TVs. He always thinks we need a bigger one and another in the bedroom. I've always said that if we wanted to live in a movie theatre, we would probably pay less rent. He's slowly upgraded our one, in the living room TV from my tiny TV/VCR combo, to a hand-me-down 20-something inch, to the "BIG" purchase of a flat screen when Eli was born (aka our first child tax credit). But I've managed so far to keep it from a) being ridiculous and b) moving a television into the bedroom.

Fast forward to our most recent adventure. Driving back from Prison City, again, and C is going on and on about how he wants the new house set up, how the kids' toys will finally be kept in place since he'll be home (oh, the underlying message there just kills me, but choose your battles and so on), and how we're going to "need a better TV." I couldn't handle it, too much talking and arguing and debating and on and on and on, so like any stressed out woman I passive-aggressively said, "You know what? I don't care. Do whatever you want. I'm just tired of talking about it." Yep, this'll teach me. Behold.

That's a tv in the bedroom

And that's a big-ass wall mounted TV. With surround sound. Hooked up to several game systems.

And this is a very happy (and fuzzy) C. So there's a little benefit.

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  1. Ugh. We have the Big Ass TV Battle constantly. I refuse - REFUSE - to allow my neighbors to know every darn show we're watching. (Or ignoring, since half the time the TV is on and NO ONE IS EVEN IN THE LIVING ROOM! What IS that about?)

  2. Well I knew I was screwed from the beginning as Marshall was the Home Theater (AKA Big Ass TV department) supervisor at Best Buy when we got married. I actually like having one in the bedroom, I guess it's just being aware of how (and how much) it gets used!

    By the way, I LOVED your comment "the underlying message there just kills me, but choose your battles and so on". It's such a paradox because when they are with the kids we want them to succeed and have a good time but there's also a part of me that wants to come home and see him curled up in the corner crying so he really knows how taxing it can be, ha ha!

  3. The underlining comment made me both cringe & laugh. Joe, probably like C, has an annoying ability to keep house super clean, cook food, & have happy kids when he has the two by himself all day. Drives me nuts-why can't I come home to a frazzled husband wondering how I manage it all?

    I am proud that you put up a good fight for so long. We currently are still on the given to us 27 incher that doesn't really work. However Joe keeps mentioning a desire for an HD flat screen....