Sunday, January 8, 2012

Because hearing about other people's crap never gets old

Today I started to tackle the garage, which is where we put all the boxes we were too lazy to unpack from the last move. I'm about halfway through, but so far I've accumulated
1 box of books that will come with us (including my Little House series from the early 80s)
3 boxes of barware. Sorry if I ever made you drink your cocktail out of a sippy cup. Turns out I do have grown-up glasses.
1 box of Mr. Potato Head pieces (no potato) and Little People farmers. WTF?
3 boxes of text books and my dissertation transcripts. Had a minor panic attack and then scrapped the lot of it. That was pretty awesome. (Still kept my "informational copies" of assessments though. Budget crisis and all...)
Eleventy bazillion boxes of baby clothes. OMG, turns out you get a lot less sentimental after you have the second one. I was literally forcing myself to find things to save.

Looking at this huge pile of give/donate/sell I'm tempted to try to run a quick garage sale either before we leave or in the week or two after. I'm thinking a "Name Your Own Price" sale. I'm trying to decide if it's worth it, or if I'm better off taking the tax write-off. (Thinking about taxes makes me feel super old, btw.) I'd love to hear any opinions. What would you do?


  1. Little people farmers cracked me up. Why so many farmers? We have a bunch, too.
    Tax write off is my vote. We have a charity that comes and picks the crap up and gives you a receipt-- coincidentally, it's my favorite charity.

  2. Tax write-off! Less headache, and you'll probably get more "money" that way than a name-your-own-price sale. I say this based on following my German mother to these sales and watching her nickle and dime people down to NOTHING. You do not want her--or anyone like her--around your house while you're preparing to move.

  3. If you have anything big or worth more than $20 I say post it on Craigslist with a "name your own price" clause. This has worked incredibly well for us in the past (actually made WAY more money on things than we planned). As for all the other little stuff I would just bag it up, leave it on the curb for pickup and take the charitable donation on your tax return. :)

  4. hahaha!!! This sounds SO much like me! Between the amount of trash we chucked, what we donated to Goodwill and sold at our horrifying yard sale last August before our move, I can NOT believe that I still have such a disaster of a garage. But. I do.