Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

I woke up this morning, two sleepy and clingy babies in my arms, to find a HUGE pile of dog shit in my living room. And not the easy "bag and scoop" kind. I'll spare you the details but just know 1) I'm awesome and 2) dustpans were a genius invention.

Leaving that, and the lovely aroma that accompanies it (mind you still wiping sleep from my eyes) I sniff and realize that my kitched smells like barbeque sauce. Like, REALLY smells like barbeque. And we haven't had anything close to that in weeks. A thorough (meaning I sniff-sniffed all over my kitchen) examination unearthed an entire bottle of liquid smoke draining in my fridge.

And then it was 7:00.

The rest of the day was really dedicated to saying goodbye to our amazing daycare and all the wonderful women that work there. First I dropped the kids off. Then C and I went back at lunch to bring treats and take pictures. Then we went back after naps/recess to pick everyone up. Syd's teacher, who's had her since she started daycare, was a mess. And then I was a mess. And then we dumped all the leftover cupcakes face down in the lobby. And then more tears. They have been so amazing, and came into our lives at just the right moment. I'm going to miss them all so very very much.

Today was hard. But today was also pretty awesome because now the hardest part is over. We've said our ugly-cry good-byes. Now we're looking forward, and emotionally we're able to start being excited and to plan and dream and fantasize about what this next chapter is going to mean. I know that we're going to love Prison city. I know it's a much better fit, and there are just so many things about this place that I don't like (racism, toxic air, safety issues). But we have met AMAZING people here.


  1. That was probably Haley's first "accident" since she was a puppy. Nice timing. She's probably nervous about new beginnings, too - or worried about another cross country trip. I can imagine the last day at day care was hard - like leaving family. Liquid smoke is just bonus, and also nice timing. Today is a new day. Kinda scarey to think about. Bon Voyage and smooth seas.

  2. You always make me laugh, and cringe with your descriptions. Here is to new beginnings!