Thursday, March 15, 2012

Afternoon Delight

Not that kind. Pervert.

My schedule has it's downsides, mainly being up before the church crowd and leaving my cozy family sleeping soundly on a day meant for lazing around together. But it also has it's benefits. I get to volunteer in Eli's class. I can schedule appointments like normal people. And I'm free for spontaneous afternoon outings to generally reserved for weekend places. Like the children's museum. All that was really a prelude for "Look at all the pictures of my kids!"

Those smocks? Totally useless.

I swear she's not picking her nose (in this picture)

How freaking cool is this?

I love finding them playing together. 'Tis awesome.

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  1. Ok, Syd in pigtails has GOT TO BE one of the cutest sights EVER! Looks like a very cool Children's Museum-We have spent so much time at ours that last couple years-what to do when it rains for 10 months-that Elle actually will ask not to go. I LOVE that your kids defy everyone's idea of what is needed for a close sibling relationship (i.e. same gender and 2 years apart).

  2. So cute! Love the chef pictures. We always catch something terrible at the CM-- hope you guys stay virus free!