Saturday, March 10, 2012

McD's, mass murderers, and merry-go-rounds

C took an impromptu trip back to Fresno this weekend to "party with the boys" (seriously. That's what he said.) and so the kids and I planned an extravaganza. It started with Redbox movies (How have I never done this?) and dinner AT McDonalds. Not from. AT. With a free pass to play on the playground for as long as they wanted. We were there for over two hours. The weather was a beautiful temperature for sipping a diet coke and half-assedly supervising my children as they crashed and barreled to their hearts' delight.

We came home after bedtime and set up camp on the living room floor. There were stacks of blankets and more pillows than one family should own. We watched Dolphin Tale (Awesome.) and Zookeeper (Exactly as bad as you think it'd be). After both kids crashed I tried to watch The Help, finally, but just couldn't get into it. May have been that I started it at 11:30.

At 3:44 I awoke, on the couch with Syd on my chest and Eli on the floor in front of my, to the sound of shattering glass. Y'all. I FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. I'm always a little paranoid when C is gone (hence the family camp out) so I had my keys, purse, and phone right by the couch. But still. I didn't really expect to need them. So it's dark, I'm covered in babies, and there's glass breaking. I did the first thing I thought of and grabbed my phone. Seriously almost dialed 911 before I'd gotten up, but then decided that I couldn't just lie there. Luckily, because it turned out that this giant clock that we had hung over our mantle had fallen off the wall. That would've been embarrassing when the cops showed up.

I have no idea why it fell. I've obsessively checked to make sure we didn't have an earthquake. By 4:00 I'd picked up all the glass and quasi-came down from the adrenaline high. By 7:00 the babies were waking me up and by 9:00 we were on our way to the zoo to "ride carousel" and the train. We had a great time and then came home to C, where we all crashed on various couches. We finished the day with me finding the perfect shoes for our upcoming family photo shoot and burrito bowls for dinner.

I haven't figured out how to move pictures from my phone to my blog (anyone know how to do this?) so there's no photographic evidence, but aside from a brief moment when I thought we'd all be killed by a crazy lunatic, it was a totally awesome weekend.


  1. Knew going in with a title like that I was going to be entertained, and entertained I was.
    I email the ones I want from phone to self, save to computer, then upload on blogger.
    You can also plug your phone into your computer and they all download (I need to remember to do this more often for back up reasons) or you can technically upload them to your blog (I find blogging on the phone not worth the effort but then again I am a sporadic, undisciplined blogger) but really this way is easiest for me. Funny how quickly the iphone takes the place of other cameras.

  2. scary!!

    I also go through my computer--- but I am old. There's a blogger app, too.

  3. OMG I would have freaked out SO HARD. That is terrifying! But I LOVE the family campout idea! I call that "sleeping in a pile" and we usually reserve it for thunderstorms.