Friday, March 16, 2012

WTF Subway?

I usually don't care much about kids' meal toys, except to wish I could time-travel back and never purchase one, so Eli would never know that there was a possibility that his food could come with a toy. Thereby making him beg for crappy food, not eat crappy food, and request a PB&J thirty seconds after we get home. But I digress... I don't really think much of the boy/girl toys. Whatever. My Little Pony, Star Wars, it's all good. Pick your battles and such. But then C took the kids to Subway and came home with these.

Let's start with the stupidity of the bags. Subway, you'd be better off offering a cookie and just shucking the gift-with-purchase. These bags suck, fall apart, and I currently have about twelve that Eli won't let me toss. Sure, at least they aren't tied into some crappy cartoon (and who can disparage the Smithsonian?) But then, on top of that you put a "toy" and make us choose "boy" or "girl" So C, an honest man, says one of each and is presented with one bag for each kid, one featuring a fire helmet and the other a piano. Cool. But then inside, Eli gets a fireman's badge with stickers for his name. On the back are facts about fire stations and fire safety. Syd got a mirror.

A mirror that has nothing to do with playing piano, music, or the arts. Merely "Your Own Personal Mirror" with no explanation about how the two correlate. Subtle, Subway. Real subtle.

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  1. WOW. That. Is. Just. WRONG! Wrong on so many levels wrong.