Friday, March 30, 2012

No work

Sydney says "I love you" and "Love you too, Mama." The other day I helped her put her baby in her stroller, and she turned around and said, " 'Ank you Mama. Very nice to help Sydney!" She dances randomly. She's OBSESSED with this show called "The Wheels on the Bus". Her two favorite places are Trader Joes and the carousel at the zoo. She wears stacks and stacks of necklaces and her brother's old hats. She runs, and then yells back "Sydney FAST!"

Eli's still all about Power Rangers, ninjas, and karate. We had our picture taken last week and Eli was sure that our photographer was the Green Ranger. He kept asking him if he liked forests. He is sweet and kind and wants to have triplets (named Silly, Billy, and Jilly. Or Sweet Love Child and Flower.) He jumps off and over everything and I currently have 12 gray hairs that are directly related to the odds that he's going to break his face open. Lately he's been asking me to tell him stories about times I've had to be rescued or been in accidents. He says it's because they're funny (and most are) but I think he likes that they're adventures. (Also, I'm sorry, Mom. Turns out I have a lot of those stories.)

This is our first Spring Break, and I was able to take the week off too. This morning both babies crawled in bed with us and Syd looked over at me and said with a smile, "Mama, no work?" C and I had a good ol' histrionic fight and then made up last night, so we're starting off on a good foot. I cannot wait to spend a week with these crazy people.

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  1. I love your kid synopsis~ may steal the idea.

    Again, can't believe how much E and E/L have in common. And good gracious you should have a third cause your kids aren't only awesome but SO fun to look at :-)

  2. Your kids are so fantastic. I'm glad you guys had a great vacation!