Saturday, February 2, 2013

Syd gets a haircut!

But not one that's very dramatic. Just enough to try it out and save me from wrestling her down to trim her bangs.

I think it means you're a true parent when you realize that you have no control over your children's behavior. Syd was a totally dramatic little butt, then flounced out of there like it was Disneyland. She was particularly offended by the cushion they offered for her precious backside. Such a ridiculous diva. But they got it done and we can see her eyes again!

And Eli had announced that he wanted a mohawk, which I'd mentally prepped for. Then he got there and asked to see a book of styles (seriously. Adorable overload). He couldn't decide, so he went with, "Just like Dad's." Again. I'm a little bummed he didn't do something more drastic. Maybe next time.

NOT sitting on a cushion

Sitting on a cushion but refusing to show her face


  1. Such cutie pies :) I totally think Dad needs the mohawk too. Would be perfect for those first pics in the hospital :)