Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The countdown's on...

Today was my last day at work. On one hand, I am so happy to have the next few days to sleep until I wake up (as opposed to waking up before everyone, showering in the dark, and trying to get out of the house as quietly as possible) and to be able to wear whatever pants I choose. On the other hand, this totally and completely solidifies the fact that we will have a baby. In our house. Soon.

This pregnancy's been so weird. I've gained less than half of what I gained with the other kids. In contrast to "Wow! You're so big!" I'm now getting, "But you're so tiny!" and "It looks like you've lost weight." I remember being much, much more uncomfortable at this point with Sydney, waddling everywhere on feet so swollen you could almost hear them squish when I walked. Yesterday I JUMPED out of a car (not moving, of course.) So when everyone says, "I bet you're ready to have this baby already!" my first thought is more along the lines of thinking that I could easily be pregnant for a few more months. But I don't think that's going to happen...

We had another sizing ultrasound last week and I'm feeling a lot more confident now. The tech explained that my first US showed that the baby was in the 16th percentile, which explains some of the concern. Now she's plumped up to a totally reasonable 34th percentile and is measuring a mere 4-5 days behind EDD. This is all making me feel MUCH more confident and it's been a nice break from the constant, neurotic worrying.

So yeah, having a baby. In 9 days, as C just so helpfully reminded me. I celebrated my last day at work with pedicures on the front lawn with Sydney. I was going to go somewhere, but I figured I'd celebrate being able to reach my toes by doing it myself. Turns out I'll be paying someone to do it for me tomorrow. And Syd's toes are going to be stained red and purple for a long time.

The crib is up (and adorable!). The cradle is up. I'm valiantly trying to make a baby hat that will match the super-cute sleeper I bought Waldo to come home in (a task that will most likely be abandoned in the near future). Both Eli and Syd have been prepped and appropriately bribed to wear the Big Brother/Big Sister shirts to visit in the hospital. I have my 38 week/pre-op appointment on Friday and then it's all system's go!


  1. OMG you really are going to have three! It just really hit me :)

  2. SO exciting!!

    It must be so nice to have a plan and know exactly when she will arrive-- cannot WAIT to see pics.

  3. Can't wait!!! I'll crochet the hat.

  4. Setting the timer for countdown now..... :)Enjoy your days off before baby comes!

  5. So exciting! I've had two inductions and LOVED knowing the schedule. Enjoy the few days of downtime!

  6. Yay!!! I'm so glad that there is less stress about the baby's size and can't believe she will be here so soon!