Monday, February 25, 2013

Killing time

OMG. This week is killing me. We are all so lucky that I didn't take more time off. For one thing, we'd be broke because apparently Target eases my anxiety. For another thing, we'd be having hillbilly, redneck fights on the front lawn. There is a LOT of nervous energy in this house right now. Even the kids are borderline insane. But we are also being sort-of productive...

Waldo's "sleep space." 
I'm not ready to give up our guest room just yet, and we're still entertaining the idea of buying a house in the next year or so, so poor Waldo's camping out in our room for the time being. The plan is that if we're still here in six months, she and Syd will move in together. However, despite it not being a "room" this is the most thought I've put into a baby's decor. I love the turquoise sheet so freaking much.

Going home outfits. Both are Newborn size, so let's hope that the doctor is right (but not too, too right) about this one being my smallest yet. 

Love these so much.
 (also, WTF, Carters? They had matching Big Brother/ Little Sister, but no Big Sister.
Luckily Syd didn't notice the difference.) 

The M-Fing baby hat
Usually each baby born into our family gets a handmade blanket from my grandma. However, she's in her 90's and nearly blind, and she told me in no uncertain terms that Sydney's was the last. Last week I started to feel bad that poor Waldo wasn't going to get a single, non-hand-me-down, homemade thing and I got it in my head to make her a hat (knowing there was no way I could make a blanket.) I made this stupid, fucking hat four times before it finally turned out. She will wear it until it falls apart in my hands. 
And speaking of poor Waldo and her hand-me-downs, I was showing Syd the baby clothes this weekend and realized that we had NO baby pants. Lots and lots of onesies and jammies, but no pants. And even though it's warm, the kid still needs pants. So we set off on an epic quest and $100 later this kid has more pants than any one baby could possibly need. But no one has ever pooped in them, so she should be grateful.
Manna from Heaven
OMG. These are going to be so freaking good. I have big, big plans for a cinnamon roll binge (see: 3 pound log of cream cheese). I'm also going to make a small batch and gift a couple to my doctor, who's coming in at the crack of dawn before work to deliver this baby. 

Soaking up every moment of her being my baby.
My being home has totally screwed up everyone's routine. C has no idea what to do with himself so he's in the garage most of the day, and poor Syd is totally confused. She keeps asking if it's a gymnastics day, since that's what we do on Thursdays (my first "home day"). On the plus side, I totally get to be the fun parent, as shown by how often I've let her paint and the fact that I let her buy bubbles and "make-ups" (aka cherry chapstick) at Target yesterday.

She's going to be here so soon! On one hand I can't wait and on the other, AAHHH!!!!! 


  1. SUCH CUTE BABY STUFF!! I love it! It's so bright and cheerful. I also feel totally at loose ends and have been leaking money. The waiting!

  2. I just love this post, it documents such a fun/crazy/exciting time and all the reality that goes with it. So very excited for you all... just a few more days!!! Can not wait to hear what you guys name this sweet baby girl!

  3. HAHA!!! I'm sorry. I can't get over the hat. FOUR times?!