Monday, May 11, 2020

Mothers Day: Quarantine Edition

There are parts of the Shelter in Place that I really, really like. Like celebrating holidays in my own cozy bubble with no pressure to make big plans or go to crowded restaurants. My Mother's Day was absolutely delightful, and it included the kids watching far too much tv alone and C taking a nap.

Eli made me a photo booth, and apparently those were the only pictures I took all day. Not pictured are the several hours I spent sitting outside listening to an audio book and working on my embroidery or the raucous game of pool volleyball that happened when I actually got in the pool, much to my kids' dismay and delight. I haven't spent a Mother's Day with my mom in years, so I was grateful that she was here this year. She has the same low-key approach as I do, so we sat together and embroidered our inappropriate samplers and it was basically the best. 

Dinner was homemade burgers and we rounded out the night with root beer floats and a new binge show with the girls (though ill-advised for the 7 year old as it turns out Buffy is a bit darker than I remembered it to be.) Averson lost her last shark-tooth (thank GOD, that was getting creepy) in the pool, so the night ended with the tooth fairy putting wet money under her pillow (since she had to go dive for the lost tooth). This morning she was very confused about how the bottom of her pillow got wet and the top didn't. Maybe the Tooth Fairy should have left a note...

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