Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On this day in history

1875: The first Kentucky Derby is run.

1954: Brown v. Board of Education ends racial segregation in schools

2000: The final episode of Beverly Hills 90210 airs

2003: This happened

2010: Then this happened

May 17th. The best day of my life twice over (though I still miss 90210). To C, whose stubbornness and tenacity is admirable and who loves his family fiercely and to Sydney, who is becoming a very mischievous little girl with a beaming smile, infectious laugh, and a demanding scream.


Laura said...

Happy birthday Sydney and happy anniversary to the love birds!!!

abba said...

Such a day to celebrate! I admire so much the life you and Condi have made for yourselves. You are the perfect partners for this journey. Best wishes today and always. Love you.

Meg said...

LOVE this! Beautiful!