Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sleep schedules

7:00 Me: "Eli! Fifteen minutes before bed!"

7:15 Me: Totally distracted by something shiny or colorful

7:45 Me: "Eli! Ten minutes!"

8:00 Reading Eli's story

8:02 Tuck Eli in

8:05 Send Eli back to bed

8:11 Send Eli back to bed

8:12 C is asleep on the couch

8:15, 8:17, 8:26 Send Eli back to bed

8:35 I and a strangely wired Syd clean out the car and install the FORWARD FACING carseat (OMG MY BABY MY BABY!). At some point C gets in bed with Eli

9:20 Rock Syd to sleep

9:35 Got distracted by God-knows what on TV. Put Syd down in her crib.

9:36 Come back from the bathroom to find Syd in bed with C.

9:37 Give up. Facebook.

10:35 Go to bed

2:25 Wake up to Eli confessing that he had an accident

2:27 Realize he meant, in your bed

2:28 Discover that you are soaking wet, and there's a spot on the bed bigger than he is

2:40 After changing you both and warning C about Lake Pissedonivus, climb into Eli's bed.

2:50 Try unsuccessfully to convince Eli this isn't a "Super Awesome Slumber Party and for the love of God please go back to sleep."

3:12 C wakes me up to tell me Syd is "looking for me." Take both kids back to the big bed. C settles into the guest bed.

3:15 Debate whether you can sleep with Syd banging on your face. Decide to try.

5:00 Alarm goes off. Get C, to play human bedrail, and get ready for work. Calculate that you've already been up for eleventy million hours.

6:00 Coffee

6:30 Coffee

7:00 Coffee


  1. lol-no kidding that "bed time" story was perfectly timed. Hope you get sleep tonight.