Saturday, May 14, 2011


It turned out to be a great Saturday. I took the kids and a friend to the Pirate Festival, and it was much cooler than I expected.

We didn't commit to full costumes, but like I told C, our outfits were "pirate inspired." Eli rocked his ninja costume, Syd wore matey stripes (and barrettes OMG so cute) and I phoned it in with a billowy white t-shirt and clam digger jeans. Next year we're totally dressing up. Eli was nervous about all the "real pirates" at first (of course he was) but he warmed up to them eventually
Not sure what kind of pirates these are

This was on a real pirate ship. He told me all about the gun and I pretended to know what he was talking about. Take away? The gun was a BIG DEAL. Also, the ship had a little room in the bow that he let kids go in one at a time, which Eli thought was awesome. I thought it was a terrible idea. But I wasn't consulted (also a terrible idea). Luckily "The Captain" turned out to be a seven-year-old. Eli said he was allowed to ask any question he wanted so he asked the captain if he could show him his ninja costume.
He love love loved the archery. He hit this knee pose all on his own.
There may be hay bales in our future.
Syd's favorite part was the cannon show. She clapped and screamed after every "BOOM."
The actors loved her.

At home Syd and I fell asleep in the rocking chair. I must not take naps very often, because Eli woke me up about twenty minutes later because he thought I was dead.

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  1. What a fun looking day!!! Too bad about then nap - but glad you were revived. Love you!