Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday. Part 2.

Though Syd's birthday was on Tuesday, we threw a little party for her today. I am of the opinion that the first birthday is more for the parents, so it was mostly adults drinking beer (and jello shots) and appreciating Syd's over-the-top adorableness. The kids who did come were equally adorable, so the entire day was sugary sweet.

She held court in her highchair for nearly the entire party. While up there, she ate almost this entire bowl of watermelon slices. Plus 4 cupcakes.
Crazy monkeys indeed.

I had a brief moment of freak out about how much time and money we put into this party, but we're only doing parties for the kids "milestone" birthdays (1st, 5th, 10th, etc.), so it all evens out. I'll admit, it was a bit over-the-top. I channeled Martha and made homemade garlands (to be featured soon). The cupcakes were from a box but had the icing piped on. No smearing for my little girl! And thanks to my totally irrational fear of running out, we ended up with a fridge full of food, a lot of extra beer, and a living room full of balloons. Afterwards it felt like the time flew and I regretted not having more time to spend with each person, who I realized have become our village here. There were lots of different people, all mixed together, blowing bubbles and attempting to hula hoop. It was a perfect celebration of our little girl, our family, and our new life here.

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  1. Looks like a great party, and well worth everything.