Thursday, September 29, 2011


At work today, right after a pretty intense session with a woman who gave me a laundry list of really horrible, lose your faith in humanity things that happened to her before the age of 16, we all got called into an emergency staff meeting. Which is never good. And it wasn't. We found out that a lot of jobs, including mine and most of my friends', are being cut early next year. We knew this was coming, but none of us had any idea how many people would be affected. It sucks. There were a lot of tears, a lot of freaking out, and a lot of numb staring at walls.

But now I'm at home. Eli's watching a movie, Syd is running around in pigtails repeating HAP-py! HAP-py! and I'm getting ready to make chili dogs (definitely took a break on the diet. I'm a walking cliche) and I think we're going to be okay. In fact, this may turn out pretty awesome.


  1. You're going to be o.k. Promise. Your awesomeness goes with you.

  2. The great thing about blogs is that I know you'll write one in another year about how awesome things turned out. In the mean time, hope you & C are hangin' in!