Monday, September 12, 2011

South Beach recap

For those of you out there keeping track, today marked the last day of our official Phase 1 on the South Beach. C and I both fell off the wagon late last week, he to the call of a fast food burger and fries, me to a bridal shower with drinks and cake. We both got a bit looser in our commitment after that. But I will say, the morning after my discretion, while I didn't feel "bad" I didn't feel great either. Honestly, the best word I could come up with was that I felt denser. Grand totals? I lost 6 pounds and C lost 10. I'm not thrilled with my loss, though logically I know it's an accomplishment. I'm disappointed that I lost no weight in the last week, and actually gained a pound back.I still want to lose at least another 10 pounds, and this is a much healthier way to eat and the only thing that's worked very well.  I had planned to continue Phase 1 for another week or so, but with our falling off the wagon and subsequent "interpretation" of the rules, I think we'll start adding some things back in this week. I plan to continue to be very carb-light, but not quite so structured about it. As hard as it was to go out and find things that fit the diet when we go out (really not that hard. It's just that cake, lemon drops, and fries aren't included.", I really wish I had stuck to the diet for the entire two weeks. That's more me being a perfectionist than anything else though. So now to this last 10 pounds. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with finding what works for you Corey, although don't be so quick to dismiss your great achievement! Glad to hear that something is finally working! I've essentially worked out a "no real rules" carb light plan for myself that has worked to take off these 35 pounds and so far they haven't been coming back :) I think the key is building a plan that works for your life and doesn't feel too depriving!

  2. I second exactly what Laura said. I do believe a congratulations is in order. Also can I get that turkey chili quinoa recipe-yum!

  3. whatever the case, it was a good diet. Corey eats better in the first place, so it didnt affect her as much as it did me. It was hard though, a lot of saying no. Because you had to look at the labels on everything, it made me realize how unhealty everything is.