Tuesday, September 6, 2011

South Beach update

As I mentioned earlier, we started Phase 1 of The South Beach diet a week ago. Here's how it's going so far. As of Monday morning, I'm down 6 pounds and C is down 7. Our cravings are still there, but are much more manageable. Interestingly, C craves bread and tortillas, while I'd love a piece of fruit. But other than that we've both commented on how much better we feel.I really like how much we've cut down on processed foods especially. We're getting a lot better at figuring out how to adapt our meals (the fajita bowl mentioned in the comments here is amazing!), though breakfast continues to be a challenge. I'm relearning how to recognize hunger, since I don't get that light-headed, weak feeling anymore. I don't notice an energy drop at all anymore. I feel great actually. I caught Eli's stomach bug this last weekend, and his doctor prescribed him yogurt to heal his stomach. On Phase 1 you can have plain, low-fat or non-fat yogurt (yum) so I experimented and added Sweet-n-low and a drop of vanilla extract. So. Delicious. 
I tried really hard to talk myself out of doing this program, but a week in and it's really not so bad. We eat a lot of salads. I snack on string cheese, almonds, and a lot of cut up peppers. Without the safety net of rice and pasta, I'm having to put a little more thought into our meals, which has had the added bonus of getting the kids excited about family dinners again. I love that C and I are doing it together, since we can support each other and cheer each other on. I can really see us incorporating this type of eating lifelong. I'm thrilled that I'm down 6 pounds! I'm hoping that I can lose at least another four next week. Wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations on 13 pounds! It will be so much easier thinking of it as a lifestyle rather than a diet - bonus that you notice feeling good.
    And, I love the lake pictures. Looks like a perfect day. Love you all!

  2. Wow! You guys are doing great! So inspired by you to try again. Seriously impressed with your progress and perspective.