Saturday, September 10, 2011

It was bound to happen

C and I were laying in bed this morning, squeezing out those last few precious minutes before you have to choose between dragging yourself out of bed or being negligent to the two unkempt heathens currently running amok in your bedroom. Eli and Syd had found their way into our bathroom and were playing nicely, so we weren't too eager to interrupt and remind them of their need for breakfast/cartoons/"that lego guy I had that one time that has suddenly become the only toy that will satisfy me!" As we were laying there we realized that it had gotten very quiet. Too quiet. So C calmly calls out "Eli? What are you guys doing in there?" "I'm reading a book to Sydney!" "Oh, that's great Bud! What a nice thing to do! What are you reading her?" "Puh, puh, Playboy?" Yep. That got our attention. Apparently the kid can read better than we thought. So C went in to find more "appropriate" reading material and Eli got upset that his magazine was being taken away. And I swear, he yelled at C, "But Daddy! I was reading the article!"


  1. HA! The article! Today Ryan spelled out "pool" and Charlie shrieked "I WANT TO GO TO THE POOL!" We are in big trouble.

  2. OH GOOD GRACIOUS! This is seriously one of the funniest things I have read. Maybe time for a special locked cabinet in that bathroom...

  3. hshshshs that was funny. he was so happy with himself...little bugger.