Sunday, November 13, 2011

Clear as mud

So the lay-off thing...

Yes, it's still happening. There's been much freaking out and self-shrinking and oh, how The Crazy has returned. But I think we're in a place of acceptance now and we're just waiting for the next steps. There've been a lot of rumors about how it's all going to work and so I've been hesitant to write much, as information is literally changing day-to-day. At first we all hustled to get our applications to other prisons, hoping to transfer to prisons who weren't losing positions. I had two really great interview/not-technically-an-interview meetings and then the positions were frozen. Like, got a job offer and then three hours later was told that they couldn't give me the job. They announced a voluntary transfer process, where they sent us a list to prioritize and gave us seven days to opt in or out, but the positions they offered were outdated (like, for facilities slated to close outdated.) Then they "postponed" that, indefinitely. As it stands now, it looks like it's going to go down like this. 1) Voluntary transfers, open to all employees in counties that will lose psychologists, and granted based on seniority. 2) The opportunity to apply and interview for any positions not filled through the voluntary transfer process. 3) Lay-offs.

I was really hoping to have the application/interview process first since my seniority score sucks and the places that I would want to go are pretty desirable. I'm a much stronger applicant based on my merit. So here's what we're hoping for, and if you're the praying/hoping/putting out to the universe type and you feel moved, I'd appreciate it. We're hoping that 1) the idea of relocation, even to attractive locations, deters some of the older, more established psychologists from ranking or opting in to the voluntary transfer or 2) there are enough positions open to absorb all of the people who are slated to lose their jobs at their current prisons. If the information I have is correct, one of my top choices is supposed to have enough openings to almost take all the displaced employees. My chances of getting in there, if I have accurate information, is pretty good. Worst case scenario, we'll go wherever we can and then try to transfer somewhere better when the dust settles. But I really hate moving, and that would suck.

So the reason I'm throwing it out there now is that we've been in a holding pattern for a couple weeks now, waiting for the new and updated voluntary transfer list to come out. On one hand it's been a blessing because there truly is nothing we can do right now if our Plan A is to stay with the department. So it hasn't been the first thing out of people's mouths. On the other hand, I just really want to know where we're going. Also, the state has a deadline, so every day that they postpone this step means a more compressed process later.

The latest thought is that the new list is coming out this week. My guess is that we'll have 5-7 days to decide and rank our choices. C and I are good with leaving. We don't love this town, though we've made good friends and I doubt I'll find another daycare as awesome as ours, but we're good with leaving. We'd really like to end up somewhere that's a better fit for our family. I have no doubt that we will, but I'll feel so much better once I know where that is. I'm mentally trying to prepare myself for the onslaught of new stress if the lists do come out this week, so if I jump on here talking about moving my family to a yurt or going back to school for auto mechanics, please remind me of this post.

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  1. It's not going to make it ALL better, but I think you should listen to Tina Fey's "Bossypants" on audio. She narrates and will make you feel better about this situation. Swear to God. We put it on in the car over our Thanksgiving commute & I want to listen to it over & over again...