Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Susie Sunshine strikes again

I took yesterday off, which was awesome, but made today going back that much harder. It's too early! I have too much to do! I don't feel good! What's the point? No one wants my help anyway! (admittedly, there is a not so small contingent of inmates who are more motivated to look sick than to get better.) It seems like no one knows still what's going to happen with the layoffs and we're getting runaround so much it feels more like learned helplessness than indignation.


I got away with making some very inappropriate jokes during a team meeting

My unit newsletter came out today, and it was awesome!

The daycare teachers RAVED about the pink hair.

I've been wanting to watch all the Harry Potters in order but couldn't find anyone who had them all. Today at Costco, where I haven't been in MONTHS, they had them all for $5 each. Technically 4.99! I bought five and six, and may go back for more.

Sydney is sleeping in a toddler bed right now, and it's freaking adorable.

Eli keeps randomly telling me that I'm beautiful (in a sort of Eddie Hascal way, but still)

The drama mom from daycare (who I haven't written about yet because I'm not sure I'll be fair but let's just say I switched into "shrink mode" very quickly), who I questioned my judgement about, totally hung up on me. Validation FTW!

My dad, after asking in a text about the job situation and hearing about the drama mom, replied (and I quote) "Take a number, b--ch!" My dad is a 62 year old, very white upper-middle class man. He may still own sweater vests.

It's the little things.And there's a lot of little things.


  1. I want to hear about the drama mom! Glad to hear you've got lots of good things going on.

  2. I concur please a drama mon post. I know it will make me laugh cause you have that way with telling the crazy. (your dad's text was hillarious kind of love him for it)

  3. With no other info to go on, that little tidbit made me love your dad. Awesome. And I concur--drama mom post, please!!!!