Monday, November 28, 2011

Wood peg dolls

I found this awesome tutorial via Pinterest and immediately fell in love with these little wooden people. I'm picturing them accompanying the wooden blocks that we're making for the kids. A few tips: I found that a straight pin was the easiest way to paint the eyes on. My brushes all made too big circles, which ended up looking a little freaky. I also had intended on much more specific characters (i.e. cowboy, space man, firefighter) but once I got started I liked the more generic ones better. That way the kids can make them be whatever they want. I ordered these through this website. I really wish I had bought the box of 100, verses 3 packs of 10. It wasn't a huge price difference, and I think I would have used them. Also, these were a bit smaller than I was imagining. If I did it again I may buy the bigger ones (2 1/8 in vs. 1 11/16th in).
Finally, ninjas are a great way to salvage ones that don't come out very well. Just paint over the whole thing black :)
These were so fun to make. I painted them in two nights after the kids went to bed and ended up with a very cute little village. I can't wait for the kids to see them. Now I'm trying to find a cute little box to put them in.

Of course there had to be Power Rangers. And ninjas.

About half the family. I added a few, including several generic people,
Batman, and a space alien.

I think this would have been a fun project to do with the kids too, and depending on how they like them I may buy more so we can add to the set. And if they don't like them? I'll probably steal them for myself.
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Anonymous said...

Cute. They will be a hit. Love the one with the pink bangs.

imaya said...

I love that you made a you doll. But I didn't see a Condi with glasses in there. Very impressed!

Sarah said...

so cool! love the rangers!

Chiconky said...

The glasses were a PITA so C is wearing a Niners shirt :)