Friday, March 29, 2013

On the road

After a month of being in the house together, we decided that spending Spring Break at home may result in someone's being committed. So we loaded up all five of us, plus the dog, and headed to the coast to visit my dad and step-mom.
Avery was a champ on the drive while Eli and Syd (mostly Syd) snarked at each other for five hours. Avery doesn't love being away from home, but we brought the Ergo, they "baby cage," and four of our stolen hospital blankets so we're surviving. Eli and Syd are having A fabulous time and we've had ice cream and incredibly loose bedtimes every day.
My brother and sister-in-law are joining us tomorrow and we have multiple egg hunts on Easter. So fun!

They LOVE this playground and insist on going every time we visit.

OMG. This place made amazing ice cream sandwiches where you got to pick your cookie, ice cream, and topping. So freaking good.

Later C may have pet this seal (sea lion?). And then run like his ass was on fire when it started to bark at him.

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