Saturday, March 23, 2013


The weather was absolutely gorgeous today and so I offered to take the kids to the park. We ended up having a great time and spent a couple hours there. Eli was invited by some other kids to join their soccer game, and Syd spent most of her time pushing her backpack on the swings and going down slides face-first. Avery slept in the breeze and I was able to just sit and watch. I didn't lose anyone, and I even managed to take Syd to the bathrooms twice without an accident! (BTW, does the park trigger some switch in newly potty-trained kids? WTF? I don't think she could pick a grosser bathroom to make multiple trips to.)

Side note: We met TWO other Averys at the park today. Really hoping that it's a fluke or she may have to go by Jeffrey in school. Or we might have to change it to "Averson"
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  1. That is a win!! What a nice outing. "Aversion" made me laugh!

  2. Two?! TWO TRIPS TO THE BATHROOM?! (And seriously, two Avery's? Or would that be Averies?)