Thursday, April 21, 2016

Quasimodo and the Octo-Urchin

"Eli and I" have been working "our" tails off on his marine biology project, which is finally finished, thank God. I had to hold this kid's hand through the entire ordeal. Seriously, he makes me nuts sometimes. For his bibliography he wrote down five of his sources, even though he read ten. Despite very clear formatting instructions, we had to redo the essays at least six times. This kid's approach to a work ethic is best described as "bare minimum and with as little attention to detail as possible." BUT, it's done and he's pretty damn proud of himself. He got pretty into it once I let him use spray paint and the glue gun. I'm thinking next time we'll lead with that. 

Poor Stinky has been besieged by allergies. We thought she was getting sick, but this is basically her baseline for the past week. She's still happy and hasn't gotten any better or worse. All the adults I know with allergies are complaining, so my ultra-scientific diagnostic skills point to seasonal allergies. I don't really know what to do for her, but we're going to try local honey and maybe an essential oil diffuser. She looks so gross. I want to make her a shirt that says "Allergies" because anytime we take her somewhere we get the "thanks a lot, asshole parent" look. You know the one...
And we'll just call this one #humblebrag. I'm sort of back on my gym schedule (twice this week, whoo whoo!) Tuesday morning, for ten glorious minutes, I had the gym all to myself and it was AMAZING. My introvert self LOVES the gym in the morning. 

We're on week 3 of and it has been seriously life changing. I'm going to write a full post soon, but seriously. Life changing. I love it so so much. 

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