Thursday, April 14, 2016


I thought today was going to be a slam dunk. I finally (FINALLY) got back to the gym this morning and actually put some work in. Between being sick and on vacation, then getting adjusted to an extra couple hours of sleep, I haven't been to the gym in a few weeks. Yay sleeping but notso yay with the steady climb on the scale. Anyway. I got back to it and it was good. Got to work and though the coffee wasn't kicking in, still managed to muscle through committee without anyone calling me a bitch or other more colorful names.

Unfortunately, while I was in committee one of our psychologists got assaulted by an inmate pretty badly. This happens, but it happens pretty rarely and the free staff are always pretty shaken up. Our emergency staff meeting kept turning into a bitch fest and finger pointing (because we therapists so we want to "allow people to process.") It ended up okay, but still... The psychologist is also okay, thankfully.

Then after work I stopped home between prison and school to check in with C and kiss my babies. I learned a long time ago to contact C as soon as I can after an incident, because often it will hit the news before I even get to my office. So he knew I was fine and handling things. When this has happened in the past, he'll often prep the kids with something vague and then I give them the very sanitized "somebody got hurt but the bad guy is locked up now and they're going to be okay." However, this time Eli wanted more answers and unfortunately the answers aren't all that reassuring. "Where's he locked up?" "Can't they put him somewhere else?" "Why did he hit her?" I'd love to be able to tell him that this will never happen to me, but the fact is that it really could. I don't want to lie to him but I also don't want him thinking some crazy prison monster is going to come after me. So that was rough.

Then I went to school to help proctor an oral exam, and ended up having to sit in on a behavioral intervention that made the poor girl cry. That was the opposite of awesome.

And THEN, on the way home I stopped to get McDonalds because tonight's crock-pot meal (from www,, love so much!) didn't end up in the crock-pot on time. I ordered a shameful amount of fast food, pulled up to the first window, and realized that I had left my wallet in my work bag, which was no nestled on top of the fridge where it belongs. I had to tell the teenager at the window that I couldn't pay for my food. I'd love to say that this is where some kind stranger "paid it forward" but instead, the kid just turned his head and screamed, "Don't make that! She can't pay!" So I was stuck driving home hungry and waiting in the driveway until C got home, (with kids and drive-thru), since my house keys were also snugly tucked away on the fridge.

And now? I can't watch my crappy hulu TV because Sydney isn't allowed to watch TV until she cleans up the disaster area/playroom, which she is staunchly refusing to do. So I sit...

Ugh. Had to edit because I just checked my library account and apparently I didn't return this really awful, really heavy book that I couldn't ever get into and carried around for three weeks before giving up on. I guarantee that I will pay for it, then find it the next day.

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