Monday, April 11, 2016

The weekend part 2

Sunday was definitely less jam-packed than our eco-Saturday, but fun nonetheless

Sydney has been asking for me to curl her hair, so I busted out my hot curlers and the curling wand. Our girly memory moment was punctuated by several screams of "Don't move!" and "Don't come in here!" until I remembered that I hate the curling wand and promptly ordered a good old-fashioned, not likely to burn my hands in six places, curling iron (plus heat spray because I love her hair so much and I don't want to ruin it). Syd loved the final result but was worried that C would "freak out" because she was "so beautiful."

There's no pictures, but we ended the day with a planning meeting for the new Girl Scout troop that I over-ambitiously talked some friends into creating. I love the concept behind Girl Scouts and I really want Syd to be a part of something that promotes confidence, self-expression, and empowerment. Her old troop really wasn't doing that. On the other hand, damn Girl Scouts are a lot of work. Luckily I've got three cool moms who are willing to lead this with me. So we got all our kids together (9 total!) and cracked a bottle of wine for an unofficial planning meeting. It was super fun and I finally had to kick everyone out at bedtime. I'm really loving this whole social, have girlfriends thing. I'm also loving this drink wine thing ;)

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