Sunday, April 17, 2016

What is with my kids?

Do all kids do fucked up stuff when they sleep? Note the yellow under her pillow. Foreshadowing.

A couple of our friends came over today to help C patch the holes in the walls left from when we got our schmancy HVAC put in a couple weeks ago Side note: Buh bye swamp cooler and one single wall heater! Hello programmable thermostat and vents in each room! It's currently 76 degrees in my house and I know that because I set the thermostat. But I digress...
So our handy friends came over to help my handy husband. They brought their kids so we had eight in total running amok. So fun! So loud! So glad I found the box of frozen Mike's Hard Lemonade slushies in the freezer!

So later tonight Avery asks if she can go to bed and I generously agree to let her. Then she asks if she can "please, please" take the roll of drywall tape with her? "It's not so poky and I promise not to play with it." Goofy girl tucked that tape under her pillow and fell right asleep. She woke up the next morning thrilled to have her tape with her and carried it around all day.
Gratuitous vent shot

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