Sunday, April 10, 2016

Wet weekend

We have rain! It didn't stop us from having an awesome weekend though. One of the Girl Scout moms was leading a cleanup team and we'd committed to helping. When we woke up to rain we figured we were going to get dirty, so getting wet too would be okay.
The team drug 9 shopping carts, a stroller, two van seats, and an electric scooter out of the "urban creek." My jokes about bodies fell flat, shockingly. #prisonproblems
Soaked. But we changed shirts and rallied for the celebratatory picnic.

Stinky loved all the creature exhibits. I had to drag her away from the bats. (Also, best Cheetos storage ever)
And she asked this woman to come around the table so she could feel the snake!
The bigs were more excited to be allowed to play on the playground in the rain :)
We did more fun stuff on Sunday but this post is feeling super long so I'm going to split it up. More to come!

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