Monday, April 25, 2016

We're on a boat!

So I've decided that I'm a better writer when I type up my posts on the computer. Pro: Better, less cringe-y writing (except for using the word cringe-y). Con: Bit of a time delay. Anywhoo. C woke up early Saturday ready to take his boat out. I barely rolled out of bed quick enough to be able to go with them. For those of you who don't know C, he's NEVER up before me and he's not an early riser. This was a momentous occasion. 
Testing out his new waders
Goodbye Babies! C is so proud of the boat's name "Slave Juan." Apparently it's funny? I don't know. 
This is his happy place. Atticus on the other hand freaked the freak out because his people were split between land and water. C eventually threw him out of the boat (gently)
This one is a bit of a psychopath.
Syd looks cute, right? Little rainboots and her life jacket? She's adorable. What you can't immediately see in this picture is the rock that she's hucking at a group of ducks, trying to hit one. When I informed her that that was a terrible idea, she just smirked and said, "Why?" We saw a bunch of duck couples (?) in those grasses and I mused that maybe there were ducklings back there. Syd's first statement was "Maybe they drowned." In a very monotone, matter of fact voice. Maybe she's possessed? 
This is a terrible picture but I'm keeping it because it's so perfectly us. Little soft, middle-aged, enjoying 2.3 seconds alone. With my coffee mug and my work out tank and my double chin. #lifegoals

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  1. This is excellent! Especially the last picture! Soft and middle aged here too. Also with coffee mug and potentially psychotic child.