Thursday, July 21, 2016

State Fair Shenanigans

The Bigs are at Grandparent's Camp this week, so my sister and baby niece are staying with us. We've crammed in all the awesome things and I've been woefully negligent in blogging them. BUT, I got up early to prep my class tonight which means I'm procrastinating, so I'll at least post about the fair yesterday. First, going anywhere with just one kid is SO different. I couldn't figure out why I didn't feel snappy and agitated, until I realized that I was only responsible for not losing one person.

Wine slushies are amazing

My gym was having a rope pull competition. I did it once for fun, and then C and my sister told me that there was a Leader Board on the other side of the machine. So then I had to do it for realz. Totally broke the record. Wish I'd looked before I raced though, because I think I should have tried to at least beat the kid's record...

We pet sturgeon! It was a big hit. When Avery was FaceTiming the bigs this morning she told them that she "pet big fish! And without any cheese!"
I may need a tiny pig
 My adorable niece is OBSESSED with animals and she loved the fair so much. She frantically chanted "donkey donkey donkey donkey!" at anything over four feet tall and "puppy puppy puppy!" at anything smaller. She's so cute and she wanted to pet all the things. Except the sturgeon, curiously.

Seriously. Could my sister get any cuter? 

More sturgeon. Less cheese. 

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