Friday, July 15, 2016

Musical chairs (beds)

We always run just a wee bit on the hippy side, but we never realize it because we lived in Portland and in the mountains of Colorado. So where we come from, we're downright establishment. However, here we're a lot crunchier than we realize and it often comes out in funny ways.

Last week we decided that it was finally time to get Stinky out of her crib/toddler bed. We knew we wanted to put up the IKEA loft bed that we had in Eli's room, but we weren't sure what to put in his room. It's the teeniest room ever and so he really needs something that leaves him a lot of floor space still. After throwing around a lot of options, including moving him to the guest room (which freaked him out), we sort of jokingly brought up a hammock. He loves his hanging chair and is the kind of kid that likes to be cocooned. A hammock seemed like not the most terrible option for him. Plus it has virtually no footprint, AND it was cheap. After reminding ourselves that lots of people sleep in hammocks and it didn't make us super weird, and assuring him that the chances of falling out were very small, we decided to try it out. We had a hammock (that I bought at the grocery store of all places) and the commitment was pretty negligible. Just a couple 2x4 supports in the wall and a couple lag bolts. We figured we'll try it for the summer and see how it works out.
Can you see him in there? 
It is awesome and now I kind of want one too, if I could figure out how married people sleep in hammocks. He sleeps SO much better now (and he hasn't fallen out once!) Plus the girls have the bunk beds which has opened up a lot of space to play in their room.
It basically always looks like this. Truth in advertising. 
 So... now we're the weird family with multiple recycling bins who puts their kid in a hammock. I'm thinking about making our own rice cakes to serve with our organic broccoli cereal. I'll eat it while wearing macrame and dousing myself in patchouli.

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