Thursday, July 14, 2016

The great outdoors

This year C bought a parks pass that gets him into all of our local state parks. And then we discovered that LITERALLY five minutes from our house was an amazing section of river/lake with a beach and hikes and slow moving water and areas where I could happily sit and tan while my kids didn't drown. There are areas to fish and then other areas that are actually staffed with lifeguards. And we can take the damn dog. I'm embarrassed by how long we've lived here without knowing this. For the last week we've been going down every night after work and it's basically the greatest thing ever. The pool was fun but this water is cool and doesn't smell like sweat.  Best. Find. EVER. Sadly, between this discovery and my newfound love of not getting up at 4:00, my gym membership is going to waste this month...

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