Sunday, July 24, 2016

Catching up from Sister's Week (so many pictures)

I set out to show my sister all the awesomeness of California, and I think I did a pretty good job. By yesterday, we were wiped and could barely muster the energy to throw cheese sticks at the babies. My ultimate goal is to get her to move here and I think I'm gaining ground. I took her and my niece to my dad's today and exchanged them for Sydney, and now I'm milking the last few hours of my vacation before it's back to the grind tomorrow. Also, I WILL be going to the gym and eating vegetables and not drinking slushie alcoholic drinks tomorrow. Internet accountability.

Working backwards because I don't have the cut and paste energy to be linear...

My sister hasn't gone out since my niece was born over a year ago. She requested a "Girls Night" with a friend from high school that we discovered lives literally less than 15 miles from my house now. We had C to watch the babies and a super cute romper she bought in SF, so off we went.
I opine that all bars should have free photo booths. This was the tamest strip we took. 

The aftermath and the swag mason jars

Drunk selfies are the best selfies

Shots. No further explanation needed.

My sister, the romper, and Abe Lincoln. And some guy who photobombed. 

Pinkies up cuz I'm classy

More shots. 
 Her friend introduced us to this awesome spot on the river that was about the most perfect spot ever. We spent ALL DAY there and it was lovely. I'm already making plans to play hooky and go back.

My sister took this and I kind of want to tattoo it on my chest. It may also be the first time I've ever loved a picture of myself in a swimsuit. 

This one missed the bigs, but I think she kind of loved having us to herself for a while

Averson got in on the (virgin) frozen drink selfie goodness too. It was a yes week for sure. 

My sister hadn't been to San Francisco since she was a kid, so we spent a day wandering the Haight and Fisherman's Wharf. It was awesome. Even more awesome? I found free parking ALL DAY. Basically it was a miracle. 

Avery tried to push her off this thing right after this shot.

Ghiradelli Square

The pants my sister bought off the street, from the woman who requested about 47 different pictures for her blog. Erin, if you're out there, you look lovely in this one :) 

The stoop on Haight and Ashbury where my sister tried on the pants, protected only by an insufficient swath of indigo-dyed tapestry. When in Rome...

My sister brought her dog, Slug. He's enormous and full of energy so Atticus was in heaven (except for that one time where he lunged at poor Slug and bit his face...) Now that they've left Atticus is clinically depressed and I'm on Petfinder looking for a brother or sister. Side note: Desperately need thoughts on the second dog thing. Especially as it relates to the random face biting thing. And the "dear God, please don't be an obnoxious dog" thing. 

I have no story except that this is the cutest thing ever

This too. I heart Sister's Week. 
Sydney is back and Eli will be back next week (super weird to have 2/3s here, BTW). I go back to work tomorrow and then the kids go back to school in three weeks. Where did summer go?!

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  1. Best week ever! His name was Grady, he wanted to straighten out Abe's face for the picture but overestimated his vertical reach.:)