Monday, March 6, 2017


I start teaching again this week after a long-ish hiatus, and I'm not near ready. So of course I have to update my blog/look at craft kids/clean my kitchen/all the things. I do love teaching but I also loved not working after work. But I also love the extra income and my sugar daddy prospects are pretty slim these days...

Anyhoo. I finished the Whole30(28) and only went off-plan twice (both as a guest who didn't want to be "that person.") I lost seven pounds, dropping below the weight that I've been stuck at for the past 18 months. I was hoping to lose more, but I keep reminding myself that seven is a solid win. I binged on pizza and girl scout cookies, only to come to the conclusion that apparently either sugar or grain (or maybe dairy, but probably not) has a significant negative impact on my mood. Seriously, I was so anhedonic the next day. And I couldn't eat cookies or carbs to make myself feel better, which was depressing. I'm back on the Whole30 (ish, I'm not worrying too much about minute amounts of sugar/grain in foods) and my mood is back to normal. Seriously, WTF?

I also went to a personal trainer a couple weeks ago! After my complaints about the bottle cap that was a permanent fixture at the gym, I "randomly" was selected for a free training session. Yes please! I'm always eyeing the TRX area, but I've been too afraid to try it out, for fear of strangling myself in front of strangers. I asked the trainer to help me get oriented and work out a few basic exercises. First though he went over my "workout goals" and calculated all of my numbers. Turns out that what I thought my goal weight should be is about ten pounds less than my actual ideal weight. Which means I'm that much closer! So yay! And I've been doing a TRX routine for the last couple weeks, focusing on my core and my upper body. Allegedly I can actually fix my three c-section belly (though we'll see how that pans out.) I like having something new to do in the gym. It's also REALLY hard and I'm sore in weird places.

Other things

Eli bridged from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. It was adorable and he was super into the ceremony. His new troop is pretty awesome and he's so excited. I'm excited because in Boy Scouts, the parents aren't expected to help or even attend many of the outings. I love my kid but he could use a little more autonomy. Also, I don't love hordes of pre-adolescent boys (shocker!)

They have an overnight outing at the end of the month, and Eli chose to not have one of us go as chaperones (C wanted to go, I did not.) I'm excited for him but also a little freaked out. He always seems so big and stinky, until I think about him sleeping in a tent alone in the woods. Then it's back to this

While we're on the topic of kids that got too big. Syd's been asking for fake glasses for over a month and I finally found a pair when we took Averson to the mall. They just happened to look just like mine. This is creepy and awesome all at the same time. 

I amwas having some serious fourth baby fever, with all my babies getting so big and all. On the other hand though, it is nice thinking that maybe I won't be fat forever and that I could wear a white shirt someday. The extra dog helps too. It took me five minutes to get through the crowd when I got home from work today and I am not my most awesome self when I'm being overrun by small bodies (no matter how cute they are). 

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