Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day weekend extended

Most of the people I work with do 4/10 schedules. It's always a "grass is greener" when I'm leaving at a normal time but then going back in on Friday. It does make three day weekends that much sweeter though. To top it off, this week C was chaparoning one of Eli's field trips, so my three day was actually a four day so that I could hang out with Averson today. We volunteered in Syd's class and it was almost too sweet. Like, hand clasping sweet. Avery LOVED being in the classroom. I had to hide her because the concrete-thinking front desk lady mentioned "oh, we're not really supposed to have siblings in the classroom" when I checked in. I promised her we'd just be a second. Turns out she's the same size as MANY kindergartners, so she blended in. We helped all the kids bead necklaces, and in the downtime I took down the bulletin boards. She's switching from D'Nealian to stick and ball next year, so I even came home with handwriting banners (I've ALWAYS wanted those. Geek heart rejoice!) and a bag of handwriting worksheets. My kids are going to have the BEST. SUMMER. EVER.

This weekend was not relaxing in the least, but we got so much done. The couch shopping was successful, and I managed to negotiate the sale price down another $300 (FTW!). We picked out C's new "Fathers Day/Patio celebration/ may I never cook this summer" grill. I did about eight million loads of laundry and graded the same number of discussion boards. Side note, I'm trying to be a more diligent grader, but if one more student writes me to ask "I missed two points. Can you tell me why?" without reading my grading comments I will scream.

Our pretty and so enormous couch. I'm stupid excited about not being touched while we veg. 
We invited ourselves to dinner at a friend's house and it was SO fun. My friend greeted us in 5 inch, flag stilettos and then proceeded to cruise this dirt bike in them. She's my new hero. 

Eli rode it too, which I don't have pictures of because I was focusing on pretending not to be super nervous. I wrecked a dirt bike the first time I ever rode one and was on crutches for MONTHS, so I'm a little sensitive. It must of worked because he dumped it and didn't make a big deal about it. So no pictures, but I do have this awesome one of C. Sexy, right? 
It's back to reality tomorrow, which at this point will likely be slower-paced than we've been going. Then it's summer and these hooligans will be running amok! 

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