Sunday, May 29, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

 For all of my "I need a low-key weekend" talk, we've managed to stay pretty busy. Story of my life, now that I think about it. There's just so many fun things to do!
We kicked off the long weekend by going out to dinner, both as a reward for Syd who cleaned the entire playroom on her own and cheerfully (and did it to surprise C *swoon*) and because we slacked and didn't put our food in the crockpot in time. Syd picked sushi, which makes me stupid happy. I love that they're finally trying non-Red Robin restaurants.
Babies with chopsticks!
Yesterday we went garage sale-ing and then tried to buy a sectional, but there are no pictures of that craziness. Just imagine the kids jumping on very expensive furniture and trying to use stranger's bathrooms. I did buy a bunch of plants and a really cute little turtle for the patio. No couch though.

Today we went to a family festival at our favorite art museum (is there a more humblebrag phrase than "our favorite art museum"? I'm thinking not.) It was awesome, and then there were a million people and C and I freaked out and we had to leave. No pictures of the freaking out either.
An Andy Warhol portrait made of Campbell's soup cans

And my girls

This is the most perfect Averson picture ever. She is a professional glarer. 

Breakfast of champions! MOTY! And I just noticed how perfectly they match her shirt. Head palm.

We're chicken-sitting this weekend for the people that bought our never-used coop and they said we could keep the eggs as payment. Chickens are super fun, but I am pretty grateful we never got around to it. Also, one jumped at Eli and he screamed as though it was going to rip off his leg. Like, "Help! There's a rabid wolf bearing down on me!" screamed. Pretty sure that wouldn't have gone well regardless. Avery's really the only animal lover of the bunch. Eli is ridiculously scared and Syd keeps wanting to kill things.
So scary

Not killing, not screaming

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