Saturday, May 21, 2016

Date night!

We finally found an amazing babysitter who our kids love, is not a crazy person, and can drive. So of course she's leaving for college in three months. In the meantime, we're trying to cram as many date nights as we can afford in. Fist bump to everyone out there without family nearby. Paying for a sitter is f-ing expensive. Sometimes we pay for the sitter, then go split a cheeseburger and wander Target. Not really, but now that I say it we may have to make it happen. 

The big art museum downtown does an event every year where well-known artists contribute small pieces of their work. Each piece is less than 12x12 and the auctions all start at $25. I've always wanted to go, especially because it's during our anniversary week, and this year it actually worked out. Plus the museum is hosting a Warhol exhibit, so we got to see that too. So cool. 
I love this little bunny and I almost spent WAY too much money for it. Now I'm stalking the artist hoping he makes another one equally adorable.

Warhol selfie!
(and we're not tacky. Apparently museum selfies is a thing that they encourage?)

C is feeling the art. Or maybe the art is feeling him.
We came home and the sitter had put the kids to bed, cleaned the kitchen, and put away the last of the birthday party stations from last weekend (don't judge, we've been coloring all week.) I am seriously trying to convince her to stay here for school. Who needs to move out of their parents' house and live in an apartment full of friends when you can stay here and watch my hooligans whenever you want?!

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