Sunday, May 1, 2016

Backyard Awesomeness

Ahhhh!!!! You guys! This house is sort of, kind of, turning into a grown-up awesome house! We now have a programmable thermostat and sweet, blessed vents in EVERY. SINGLE. ROOM. And NOW!! Now we have a backyard that doesn't overlook the creepy neighbors, isn't a dust pit, and has a brand new patio! I wish I had before pictures. Just picture something sad and crappy. Then add a teeny little back porch (like 2x4) hooked to a homemade wheelchair ramp. Then add in eight random concrete boxes. But now! We have the super awesome enormous fence AND a super awesome patio! And tomato plants but those are C's and my only contribution is that I haven't killed them yet.

Averson LOVES gardening. It's pretty adorable and she tells us all about what "baby plants need." 
Strawberries in a broken wheelbarrow. We don't want to forget our roots :) I tried to talk him into a toilet but I got vetoed. 
Syd's basil. I'm driving her crazy by calling it "bahzil" 
This is Edwin. He lives in our garden and makes me incredibly happy. One of my life goals checked off
Ahhh! Getting ready for concrete!
The girls sat in their jeep watching. Kicked their feet up and everything. 
So pretty! I'm so excited to hang out on it and put our crappy grill right there by the door. 

It's funny how much finishing these little (or big) projects has impacted how I feel about this house. I really struggled because many of these are things that we *could* DIY but for one reason or another haven't finished. I was sheepishly telling a friend that we were paying to have the patio poured and she came back with, "so you decided to be an adult and pay someone who knows what they're doing?" Oh. Yeah! That's what I did. And it's so so pretty.

So now I'm pretty sure that I know where the grill is going, but I don't know what else to do with this. The whole house is looking a little "taupe" and now I have to start decorating my super beautiful back yard. I have red chairs and a little fire pit, but that's it. Ideas?

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