Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Gratitude 23/30: Knowledge

 Here is a thing I have learned/am learning. 

Give me a scarcity mindset and I lose my ever loving mind. Give me a scarcity mindset and throw in a good dose of FOMO, and I lose my mind AND all of my money. And my time. And my ability to have a reasonable conversation. Turns out that I am 100% absolutely NOT a moderator

This post brought to you by the nap dress. 

A friend of mine is OBSESSED with these dresses, and wears them daily. They look adorable on her. So I checked out the website. They're cute. The smocking is precious. They are...not cheap. But it's an investment! The whole concept is that they are cute enough to dress up but comfy enough that you can (and are encouraged) to literally sleep in them. So I join a FB page (in retrospect, here's where it went off the rails.) Then I find out there's a DROP! Like, patterns that no one has had. And then the drop happened and the dresses sold out fast and all of the sudden I became OBSESSED with getting one. But of course, now I couldn't because they were sold out. I could buy on the FB page, but the prices were super jacked up and I didn't feel great about sending a stranger a bunch of money for a dress that I didn't know would fit etc. 

Guys? I have now bought FOUR. One from my friend, and then three from the website when there was a rare restock which I was alerted to by the thousands of women on FB. And here's the thing. It's not super flattering on me. Turns out small chests + big ribs + smocking is NOT the cutest look. I figured that out on the first dress. But nevertheless I persisted. 

Today on the FB page someone posted about a DIFFERENT brand of dress that is both more my style AND cheaper and suddenly it was like the Reasonable Adult Angels sang and the Logical Sun shone again. I don't need to force these dresses to work just because lots of other people adore them. I'm a grown woman and can wear, or not wear, whatever I want. And I don't want four dresses that make me look like one of those match-a-head books where the bottom half is 12 and the top half is 40. I can just, stop obsessing about it. So I'm committing to my recover plan. One of the dresses is pretty cute, so I might keep it. The others I'll either return or sell, before I take myself out of the group (because that's not a great influence.) And then I'll buy the cute flattering one for cheaper on Friday :P

I am such a sucker for the "Must Have" I even googled it this morning trying to figure out what to get Averson for Christmas (my other two literally have socks on their lists). If you are a fellow sufferer of Must Have FOMO, what tricks do you have to keep yourself in check? I need your best ideas! And if you have any good ideas for a fun Christmas present for an eight year old that is NOT a living, breathing, animal, throw those my way too


  1. OMG these dresses are adorable and I wish I had never googled.

    I am THE SAME WAY. The FOMO, the scarcity trigger-- all of it. I try to put stuff in my cart and walk away for a couple of hours if I am buying online-- sometimes it works? I have gotten so I can feel the mania taking hold, and I back off. This summer, I planned to buy like 5 pairs of Lulu shorts to wear for swim and tennis drop off, but I decided to buy one pair and then go back for more... and I never went back. But telling myself that I could have as many as I wanted whenever I wanted really helped.

  2. I too wish I'd not googled, because those dresses ARE adorable. But they seem overpriced? Like I see stuff like that at Target all the time?

    Sarah's cart trick sometimes works for me, as does the one-at-a-time rather than replace-everything-I-own mindset. Lately, retirement plans (as in, I'd like to retire some day) has helped me curtail buying stuff.