Monday, November 8, 2021

Gratitude Challenge 8/30: Nature

 I have NEVER been able to keep houseplants alive. Seriously. I killed a 50 year old Jade plant. I killed ivy from my wedding, at a house literally surrounded by invasive ivy. I killed spider plants and cacti. If it was green, I was killing it. I kind of figured that I was already keeping so many other life forms alive that I should just accept my limitations and move on. 

But then! I planted this funny little succulent from Trader Joes in a pot in the front yard and before I knew it, the thing had blown up. Then a friend gifted me a Jade plant for a housewarming gift and it didn't die. Then a rubber tree impulse buy, then a nerve plant that dramatically wilts when it's thirsty, and so on and so forth. And now I'm a person with plants in my house. Lots of them! (Maybe even too many. Who knows?) For my birthday C took me to a nursery and I asked the guy working there "Will I kill this one?" and when he asked how I do with other houseplants I sheepishly admitted that I'd been keeping several alive for enough time to discount luck as the reason. 

It's a funny little hobby and I love it. I exclaim genuinely when I notice new growth and even texted a picture of a baby leaf to a friend. Plus it makes my house feel cozy :) 

Plant gifts (all still alive!) 

Baby leaf! 

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