Sunday, November 28, 2021

Gratitude 28/30: Technology

 I agreed to take Sydney to meet her friends for coffee this morning. I also agreed to sit far away and pretend that I didn’t know them. I had big plans to sip coffee and read for an hour but halfway here I reached into my purse and realized that I FORGOT MY BOOK. So I’m especially grateful for technology today, which is allowing me to pivot and watch Ted Lasso instead 

*Update: It was a really sad episode and I 100% cried in the corner of Starbucks. In front of three tween girls. So that’s awesome

The empty spot where my book should be :(

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  1. Now I'm trying to guess which Ted Lasso ep it was...

    Wondering what you're reading currently :). After I finished Cloud Cuckoo Land I kind of wanted to stay in that universe for a while. (I spied CCL in one of your earlier pix--not a mind reader or anything.)