Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Gratitude Challenge 2/30: Optimism

I found myself wanting to be sarcastic on this one, and showing a picture of a laundry basket or a lunchbox full of vegetables, but the truth is that I really do consider my optimism to be one of my strengths. The other night I was talking to Eli and I described myself as "an aggressive optimist" and I love it and now I'm going to trademark the brand.

Aggressive optimism is the steadfast belief that everything is going to work out. which has thus far turned out pretty well. I've made a lot of choices that, logically speaking, didn't make a ton of sense. It got me married at 22 and immediately moving to Oregon, where we didn't know a soul but had some of the best adventures. It moved us to a town none of us had ever been to in California, and then ultimately to Sacramento. It got us this big fancy house with it's pool and ridiculous blue carpet and hot mess kitchen. It got me a grad school baby (which on paper is a ludicrous idea but in practice was pretty awesome), an early career baby (first day of work 5 months pregnant is a great way to make an impression), and our funny little third baby that has me excitedly slowing down to assess the state of decomposition when I pass roadkill. In fact, it's worked out so many times that I *may* have "Fuck it" tattooed on my body as a reminder that it's not a terrible approach to decision making. 

Aggressively optimistic that this hike in a downpour would be fine. It was probably not the safest choice, but it ended up being one of my favorite memories from the entire trip :) 

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