Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Halloween/Birthday Photo Dump (also, turns out I wore three different costumes?)

I work in an office now where people dress up for Halloween AND I can wear denim. So of course I had to channel Rosie. Averson declared this the perfect office costume since it's not offensive, not distracting, AND I can sit in it. Agreed on all fronts. 

Because I'm a grown-up, I don't get a lot of birthday presents anymore which made it that much more exciting when a package from a friend showed up with these delightful shower steamer things (even better since I'm not a bath person) and a Crossfit keychain
And speaking of CrossFit. I got up at 7:00 on a Saturday to work out as Snow White and it was SO FUN. Even if the workout had wall walks which are... not great in a running skirt. But how cute is this outfit?!  
Birthday donuts are the best donuts 

Weeks ago I told C that I wanted to go out to breakfast and then to a local plant shop/vintage mall for my birthday. Then on Saturday night the shop announced on their IG that they were going to be closed for the holiday. I maybe pouted a little (or a lot) but C rallied and found another shop to go to. Eli joined us and it was the BEST morning. 

They 100% bought these hats

My pretties! 
I don't know who I've become, but I like her and she keeps things alive with more frequency than not. 

After plant shopping shenanigans, I cleaned my house and got everyone ready for Halloween. Usually I don't like school night Halloween, but this one was totally lovely and everyone was done by 9:00. 

The first year that my three aren't in the same picture. I only cried a tiny bit :( 
Sydney and her friend were matching Peppa Pigs, Averson was Mulan, and Eli was some rando thing that his friends put together and is likely just an excuse to flex. 

My mom handout out candy and was super spooky, and also kind of looked like an animatronic decoration. Also also, I bought this shawl at the nursery and it's my new favorite thing. 

Once the crowd was done trick-or-treating, Sydney asked if she and I could hit another couple of streets. Then we came home and sorted her haul while we watched Gilmore Girls. She giggled and was delightful and used hashmarks to count everything because she's a giant neurotic nerd and I love her. 

I also love this red sweat suit more than is reasonable and put it back on last night. So that's another thing I do now is wear matching sweats in ridiculous colors unironically. 


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