Thursday, November 4, 2021

Gratitude Challenge 4/30: Laughter

 As I was thinking about this prompt yesterday, I knew that I wanted to feature Sydney's laugh. I searched and searched for a video so that you all could hear her giggle and understand how magical it is. Her giggle is the unicorn covered in magical stardust and it's rare and fleeting but oh man. When you get it, it's pretty awesome. 

It's so awesome that it made me decide NOT to storm into the bathroom at 9:30 last night when I heard the hair clippers buzzing and had no idea what was happening, despite knowing that I have already paid the deposit and bought the outfits for family pictures in ten days. I waited anxiously, even after hearing Sydney say, "I think I can fix it." I figured once they were in it, better to let them finish whatever was happening than to interrupt it half-way. Also I was tired and didn't want to yell. 

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